Update: I am co-hosting a new and equally-magical version of this retreat with a good friend of mine - you can read more about the experience here! Hope to share space with you soon!

The first retreat in Joshua Tree was downright magical last year and I'm very excited to be in the process of planning another! Please sign up below if you're interested and you'll receive all the details as soon as they're available! xo

A little glimpse into the experience:

  • climbing on top of boulders to catch sunset in the park + staying to stargaze/wonder at the Milky Way

  • talking about sexuality while soaking in hot mineral water

  • sleepover-style teeth-brushing + giggles

  • beautiful new friendships

  • laughter, tears, breakthroughs, profound realizations, and moments of "yes omg i've been going through the same thing and thought it was just me"

  • the total magic of bringing together a group of women with kind of a plan and also the willingness to trust the spontaneous flow and each other in the experience

Reflections from last year:

"Spending quality time with other women while surrounded by nature was a truly magical experience. I spent the weekend connecting deeply with myself — through reflection and collective processing, I was able to work through personal roadblocks that have been holding me back for years."

- Gabby Valdes

“The ‘women in the desert’ retreat was an amazing mix of inner exploration, healing, connectivity and silly fun! Rarely do we give ourselves the chance to focus on our relationships with other women, what gets in the way of trusting each other, and how we can lift each other up. Our intimate group was a safe space to mine for lessons in our past experiences and set the groundwork for supportive and authentic relating with other women in the future. The friendships I built there have continued to inspire me, challenge me, and allow me to grow more fully into the woman I truly am. I am a more courageous and loving woman after attending the retreat.”

- Nina Bernardin

"Stephanie has a bold and unique vision for creating and maintaining female bonds - one that allows space for healing past wounds while at once inviting her community to play an active part in creating the experience they would like to be a part of. I found myself returning home feeling softer, more connected to myself, more curious about my female friends, and maybe most importantly, more connected with the power of my own choices."

- Debra Giunta

“There's something powerful about women gathering around shared intentions and walking together in support of their individual journeys. This was particularly special for me because of the difficulties I've had trusting other women. Stephanie created a container within which I could feel safe and free to be exactly who I am, process what I was working on, and be received generously by other women. It was a low-pressure, well-curated, and restful experience while at the same time full of opportunities to reflect and move toward my growth. I felt well cared for by the way everything flowed, and enabled to walk in my own power while also feeling the support of others... a rare and magical experience.”

- Melina Martinez

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