June 1-3 in Michigan City, Indiana

A weekend in the woods for soulful, heart-centered women.



A small group of women, coming together to understand ourselves and each other better, in a space of safety, restfulness, and connection.

To ask powerful questions. Questions like:

What does it mean to be a woman, and how can we reclaim that for ourselves? How does it intersect with our other identities? How do we love ourselves and each other better? What does it look like to embody strength that includes our vulnerability?

To celebrate our differences and all that we have in common.

To be with each other and with nature.

To experience restfulness and do meaningful heart/soul work.

❤ ❤ ❤

To explore, try new things, and learn in the company of other amazing women.

To build community based in realness and compassion.

To heal our relationships as/with women, learn to trust one another, and be powerful both as individuals and together.

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Reflections from past retreat attendees:


"Spending quality time with other women while surrounded by nature was a truly magical experience. I spent the weekend connecting deeply with myself — through reflection and collective processing, I was able to work through personal roadblocks that have been holding me back for years."

Gabby Valdes | Producer | Firebelly Design


Debra Guinta | Founder + Director | Design Dance

"Stephanie is undeniably the only person who has effectively and lovingly pushed me to look inward, slow down, and find peace. She has a bold and unique vision for creating and maintaining female bonds - one that allows space for healing past wounds while at once inviting her community to play an active part in creating the experience they would like to be a part of. I came to the retreat feeling trapped by indecision and left feeling no less decided but entirely free to move forward. I found myself returning home feeling softer, more connected to myself, more curious about my female friends, and maybe most importantly, more connected with the power of my own choices."

Melina Martinez | Director of Admissions | StartingBloc

“There's something powerful about women gathering around shared intentions and walking together in support of their individual journeys. This was particularly special for me because of the difficulties I've had trusting other women. Stephanie created a container within which I could feel safe and free to be exactly who I am, process what I was working on, and be received generously by other women. It was a low-pressure, well-curated, and restful experience while at the same time full of opportunities to reflect and move toward my growth. I felt well cared for by the way everything flowed, and enabled to walk in my own power while also feeling the support of others... a rare and magical experience.”

One of the best parts of this experience is that we get to co-create it! The intention is to embody leadership together, learn from each other's unique gifts and connect in our power.

In addition to beautiful spontaneity that couldn’t possibly be foreseen, here are the elements that will be woven throughout the retreat:

  • Meditation and mindful movement (through yoga and/or dance)

  • Workshops and group sessions (reflective and experiential exercises, powerful conversations, guided journaling)

  • Nature explorations (scenic walks, beach time, stargazing)

  • Healthy, nourishing meals cooked together

  • Down time for solitude, relaxation, and connection

  • Activities led by YOU and other women - each attendee is invited to share something as part of our experience and this will take many creative, beautiful forms

To help you get the most out of the experience, you will also receive two 30-minute coaching calls (pre-retreat intention setting + post-retreat integration) as well as quick check-ins during the retreat so you feel fully supported.

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The experience will begin with a welcome dinner in Chicago on the Wednesday evening before the retreat. Then, we will meet again in Michigan City from Friday at 5pm until Sunday afternoon. (Programming will end by noon that day, with optional afternoon activities if you want to stay longer and explore the surrounding town, beaches, etc!)

Accommodations will be in an Airbnb with shared bedrooms.

Price includes:

  • 2 nights' stay at a charming Airbnb

  • 6 meals, as well as snacks

  • Group activities + sessions

  • 2 coaching calls

  • Other surprises!

Transportation to/from Michigan City is not included, but we will help coordinate carpools from Chicago.




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Stephanie Kang is committed to the work of healing and transformation. As a retreat facilitator, she loves to create spaces for people to show up with greater authenticity and connect from the heart. Stephanie is constantly craving chocolate cake, reading too many books at the same time, and falling in love with the Moon.


Taylor Morrison is a quasi-creative, communicator, and a change agent. She leads employee engagement at a telematics startup by day, runs a brand strategy firm and a lifestyle brand focused on self-care by night, advocates for water and sanitation health in her spare time, and writes every moment in between.


Taylor and Stephanie met each other one summer evening in Chicago three years ago and discovered almost immediately that they were soul sisters. They are so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and bring this retreat experience to you!


If you identify as a woman and feel called to join us, we welcome you wholeheartedly. Wherever you’re at in your life, whatever you’re coming with - it’s all perfect.

If you're ready to sign up, or have any questions, please fill out the form below - we are so excited to hear from you! ❤

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Meet me in the woods, sister

We have dreams to dream

And magic to create

Songs to sing

Stories to share

A whole world to discover

Between you and me and all women

Let’s tend to the inner fire

Let’s write that poem

Let’s move and be moved





I’m ready to be in awe of your power

And share with you my gifts

And laugh together at the ridiculousness of a world

That tried to keep us apart

And convince us there wasn’t enough room

For us all to be free and powerful and big, so big

They were wrong

Love is real

And this universe is abundant

And there is soooo much spaciousness waiting to be filled

By our irreplaceable so completely necessary joy

So meet me in the woods

We’ve got things to do

(not the things they told us to do)

And soul to breathe

And love and light and magic to be

See you soon ❤